September 19 (7pm – 9pm ) at the Gallery 8680 Frisco, TX (doors open at 6:30pm)

Guest Speaker: Julie Shipp

Refreshments will be served and artist network will be fun!

**Member-Artists: Please bring your favorite artwork you created for voting Artist of the Month**

No Entry Fee for Members – Complimentary Benefit of Annual Membership

$10 Donation to VAGF for Guests

“From Studio Walls to Gallery Walls”

We are so excited to have @julieannshipp with @collincollege Art Gallery join us as this VAGF month’s speaker. We hope to see you at @thegallery8680

Julie Shipp is a Dallas-based artist, curator, professor, and arts advocate. Her education focused on both Studio Art and Art History, having received her MFA in Painting along with graduate studies in Art History from UT San Antonio and undergraduate degrees (Art History, 2000 and Studio Art, 2001) from the University of North Texas.

As a Professor of Art and a Gallery Director, she pursues the language of art from a perspective that visual communication should allow us to reflect upon our humanity, but also challenge viewers to examine and redefine the world that surrounds us. Recent research includes studies of political murals and a re-discovered fresco painting in Argentina, Ancient History and Artwork in Israel, and contemporary art in Portugal. For more info please see our Facebook Page.


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